Personal Makeup Course

Janice Lee
Janice is a massage therapist. She specializes in sports massage and enjoys taking long walks at Sentosa!
What is basic makeup course?

Our basic makeup course teaches makeup basics like eyelash extension and keratin lash lift. Learn to apply makeup on yourself. Also learn to covers tools, techniques, and products.

This basic makeup course is perfect for beginners, conveniently located at Bugis!

Which certificate is best for makeup artist?

The best certificate for makeup artists is from a reputed beauty school. Look for recognized ones like CIDESCO or ITEC from SkillsFuture.

They show professional training and skills. Helps in getting good jobs.

How to learn makeup for beginners?

To learn makeup for beginners, start with the basics. Practice simple makeup looks first. Watch tutorials and practice regularly with quality products and tools. This way, you can apply what you learn in the Singapore workforce when you become a makeup artist!

There are also more advanced makeup topics like bridal makeup. We offer bridal makeup courses too!

What is professional makeup course?

Professional makeup course is advanced. Teaches makeup for different occasions and skin types. Includes theory and practical sessions. Aimed at aspiring professional makeup artists.

Can you learn makeup online?

Yes, you can learn makeup online. Many courses and tutorials available. Covers various techniques and styles. An online makeup course is convenient and flexible learning.

How much is the personal makeup course?

The personal makeup course cost varies. It depends on duration, school, and location. Our personal makeup course is $320 SGD and we are conveniently at Bugis!

This is an affordable cost for a short course and it’s easy to find at Bugis Village. Come down to our beauty academy today!

Can I teach myself makeup?

Yes, you can teach yourself makeup. Practice and experiment with different products. Watch Youtube tutorials which many Singaporean youtubers post online. By attending a personal makeup course, you can also learn it at your own pace.

Can makeup be self-taught?

Makeup can be self-taught. Many young girls in Singapore start doing makeup themselves from home. Many resources available online. Practice is important to improve. Self-learning can be effective.

Can I learn makeup in 2 months?

Yes, you can learn basic makeup in 2 months. Practice regularly and take short makeup courses. Focus on fundamental techniques. If you are consistent, your skills will improve quickly!